How to Get a Cockroach to Come out of Hiding?

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It is very frustrating to catch cockroaches. Perhaps there is a time when you have tried to kill a pesky roach but failed. If often happens that after hitting a roach with one blow, it quickly scurries into a hidden nook where it will be quite difficult to reach.

Cockroaches Need To Be Controlled

Is there an effective way to lure these pests so that they won’t pester you anymore? Cockroaches are creatures of the dark and dirty. As such, they carry all sorts of bacteria and viruses that can make us sick.

This is the reason why many people are afraid of them. But in the process of avoiding these roaches, most people scurry away once a roach is on sight. This should not be. We need not be afraid of roaches to the point that we are the ones who need to escape.

Cockroaches Are Experts At Hiding

If a cockroach is able to escape your blow, it will be difficult for you to find it. They are experts at hiding. So you must be sure that the first blow will be the final blow to the cockroach. If a roach escapes, it can go to small crevices and cracks so you can’t reach it.

The typical characteristics of roaches indicate that they know by instinct that humans are a threat to them. So, they hide once they feel the presence of humans. For those who are fearful of roaches, please understand that they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

This is the reason why when you turn the lights on, the roaches scamper away in all directions to find safe places to hide. They won’t come out into the open until you turn the lights off.

There Are Ways To Lure Roaches Out Of Hiding

Thankfully, there are many ways you can lure out roaches from their hiding places. In this article, we will show you how to lure a cockroach out of hiding. But first, you need to prepare some things.

Make A Sticky Roach Trap

You will need small containers where you can put some roach baits or traps. Plastic containers are preferred. The containers should be used to protect the baits from accidental disturbances and from small children and pets.

Please understand that roaches are primarily attracted by three things: moisture, food and other roaches. The baits or traps that you will create must have all these three things.

The first trap that you will make will have a sticky paper at the bottom of the container. It is designed to lure the roaches on the sticky surface of the paper. Food containers from the deli are perfect for these types of traps.

Cut small rectangular holes around ½ inch by ¾ inch on the sides of the food container that will be placed on the floor. Six holes will be enough. Peel of the cover of the sticky surface of the paper and put the paper at the bottom of the box.

Put some roach baits at the center of the sticky paper and close the cover of the food container. Place the trap at a corner in your house where you think the roaches are usually seen. When it’s time for you to sleep, turn the lights off.

The next morning, inspect the plastic container to see the results. Most probably, you will see a bunch of roaches stuck on the surface of the sticky surface of the paper. They are trapped and can’t move and can’t infest your house anymore.

Drown The Roaches

This second type of roach trap will drown the nasty critters. You will need a strong plastic container for this trap. A dog feeding container can be used for this trap but any container with round or straight edges will do. This will make it easier for roaches to climb up the sides of the container.

Cover the outer side of the container with a thin coat of Vaseline. This will prevent other insects from climbing up the container. Mix roach bait with water. The right proportion of the mixture should be indicated in the box of the roach bait.

Boil the mixture. Let the boiled mixture cool down. When it has cooled down, pour it inside the food container filling it about an inch from the bottom. Then put this liquid trap in a place where roaches are seen.

The next morning, you should see these roaches drowned and killed by the liquid trap. Just dump the liquid together with the dead roaches in the garbage. Then refill the container with the same liquid trap until you see that all the roaches in your house are eliminated.

Kill Roaches With Boric Acid And Diatomaceous Earth Trap

A third trap you may wish to make that is more sophisticated than the first two is made of boric acid and diatomaceous earth. These substances are deadly to roaches and other insects but are safe for pets and small children. But you should still follow the instructions from their labels.

Any plastic container with caps would do but the best are plastic shoe boxes. As in the first trap, cut small holes at the bottom edge of the box. Sprinkle a thin layer of boric acid and diatomaceous earth at the bottom of the box.

Then put some roach bait in the middle of the box and cover the box with its lid. You can secure the lid with tape if necessary. Then place this trap in an area where the roaches are usually seen.

The roaches will crawl on the boric acid and diatomaceous earth as they reach for the bait inside the box. These substances will cling to their legs and bodies and will carry them back to their nests and contaminate other roaches and their hatchlings.

Always place a fresh trap each morning until you see that all the roaches are gone. Or you can also make more traps if you want to quickly solve the roach infestation in your home.

If you will follow the instructions given in this article, you will be able to stop roach infestation in your home. Watch this short video. It will visually explain the steps in making these roach traps.

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