How to Deal with Flying Cockroaches?

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It’s not easy to discover when you have a cockroach infestation or its magnitude because these crawling creatures are nocturnal and only come out when you are asleep.

However, when they are too many in the house, some may come out of their hiding places during the day to scrabble for food.

Not many species of cockroaches fly, and those that do only manage short distances. However, they can be a major inconvenience and can pose health risks.

Flying cockroaches can be intimidating, even frightening. This is probably because it seems unnatural for these crawlers to fly.

When they do, their wings make them look bigger and fiercer. The truth is that the flying ones are not more dangerous than those that don’t.

However, roaches cause food contamination and allergies. They can spread bacteria, fungi, and dirt from dirty surfaces to food.

So how do you deal with flying cockroaches?

Use Insecticide

Once you detect cockroaches, spray the room; close all the windows and doors for at least fifty minutes to suffocate them. Note that cockroaches can hold their breath for up to forty minutes, so don’t be in a rush to open up.

This method will only work when you are sure the roaches are in the room. If you are not sure, spray dark corners, under the seats, and anywhere you suspect they might be hiding. Cockroaches like hiding in dark, moist and quiet places.

Alternatively, if you do not want to kill them, spray the room then leave one opening such as a door or window to let them out. They will definitely look for a way out to avoid inhaling the deadly chemicals.

When spraying insecticides, make sure there is no food around or anything else that can be ingested or used on skin. Most insecticides contain harmful chemicals that can introduce toxins to your body or lead to food poisoning.

Use Boric Acid

When you notice one cockroach in your house, it is more likely that others are hiding around. The best time to check whether cockroaches are hiding in your home is late at night.

Silently put on the lights in the kitchen; if you have an infestation, they will fly towards the light. To exterminate these unsightly creatures, pour boric acid on their pathway, hiding places, under furniture and in closets. Boric acid is not toxic to humans and animals although it is quite deadly to these insects.

Use Blunt Force

A flying cockroach can give you a scare especially if it flies right at your face. Although it may seem like they are launching an attack, roaches only fly at humans while trying to get to a source of light such as a light bulb. Nevertheless, it is never a pleasant experience.

If you are lucky to spot only a single flying cockroach, you do not have to utilize any sophisticated means of termination, something as basic as hitting it with a hard object will do.

Wait for it to land and hit it with some force. The only rule is that you should not miss; a cockroach can cover up to 1.5 meters in a second and it will quickly go into hiding. Of course this can be gross especially if the head comes off. Be warned that cockroaches can live without the head for up to seven days.

Alternatively, splash or spray water on the insect. This sounds odd, but because roaches breathe through holes on their body and not nostrils, the water will get into the holes somewhat choking and suffocating it.Soapy or oily spray works faster than plain water.

Note that this method is only effective when dealing with a single roach. If it is flying about, spraying insecticide onto its wings will cause it to fall on the ground then suffocate.


This is a bit barbaric but you could raise your vacuum and suck them in. You just have to deal with disposing them off especially because the insects may get stuck on the vacuum’ mouth. The best vacuum cleaner to use is a portable one that allows you to move as the roaches change direction or flie to a safer place.

Store Food Stuffs Safely

The only reason cockroaches find a house habitable is because of easy availability of food. Roaches feed on anything, even on other cockroaches when the food supply is minimal. At the slightest sign of a food shortage, they will leave the house for greener pastures.

Store food remains in airtight containers. This should include pet foods and garbage. Also, make sure the house is clean with less clutter to reduce hiding places. If there are crevices on the walls or furniture, fill them with old newspapers or clothes.

Block the entrance to your home

Cockroaches come from the outside to the house. Most flying cockroaches live outside and only get into your house occasionally especially when there is plenty of food within. As you will notice, these insects get access to your home at night through crevices, open windows, doors or any space such as a broken window pane.

These insects can fit into tiny spaces because they have exoskeletons. This allows them to flatten their bodies to fit into any opening no matter the size. Make sure to fill up small spaces no matter how tiny they are.

Because cockroaches eat anything from food remains, feces, other insects and hover anywhere including in garbage and dumping sites, you would not want the same onto your food. They can transfer germs to your food causing gastrointestinal conditions. Also, their waste products can be harmful to humans.

Roaches are also known to trigger asthma attacks. They contain a particular protein that causes allergic reactions to human beings. If you have a massive infestation in your home or compound, you may need to get an expert to help deal with them. This will ensure safe but effective methods are used that will not only solve the immediate problem but make sure flying cockroaches do not get into your home again.

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