Best Roach Spray and Bait for Apartments

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When you’re dealing with roaches in your apartment, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Sprays are one effective component in roach prevention. The residue from a spray can kill roaches on contact for weeks or months at a time. Baits and traps are also ideal to supplement roach sprays.

Best Roach Sprays and Traps for Apartments

Product nameIncludes Lure/BaitActive IngredientNumber in Pack
#1. Combat
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#2. Raid

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NoImiprothrin, cypermethrin2
#3. Rockwell

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#1. Combat Max One Year Bait Station

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These bait stations are great for use in an apartment complex. If you’re getting rid of roach infestations in multiple units, you’ll appreciate the 18-count in each package. There’s even an option to buy two packages at once, allowing you to place 36 different baits throughout different apartments. The ingredients within the traps are strongly lethal to roaches, and they will begin to kill roaches within a day.

Many similar bait stations and sprays have effects that last for one to three months. By contrast, these baits last for up to a year. If you’re an exterminator or a landlord dealing with an entire apartment complex, this is a huge selling point. You don’t want to have to go into your tenant’s home every few weeks just to reapply roach sprays and replace traps.

These stations are specifically designed for smaller cockroach species. They may not be effective on larger species, as they might not be big enough for the insects to get inside. They might not be effective against German cockroaches, since German cockroaches are difficult to kill. German cockroaches often require insecticides specifically formulated for them, as they’re immune to many typical insecticides.

If you’re dealing with regular small cockroach infestations or other small pest infestations, this is a discreet and compact solution. One advantage over sprays is that you don’t need other heavy-duty insecticides in your home. The traps are easy to use, inexpensive, can be placed discreetly, and they continue to be effective for up to a year. The bait is potent for a solid year, and you’ll only need to replace the traps if you run out of bait.

Some of the best places to put the trap are the areas where cockroaches tend to enter the home. These might be behind your oven and refrigerator, behind the toilet, underneath the sink, near cracks in the baseboards, or around any other crevices where you’ve seen cockroaches entering or exiting. You can put the baits out in the open or discreetly tuck them away. Either way, they’ll continue effectively killing for as long as they have bait or for a full year.

Unlike many other bait stations at this price point, these baits are durable enough to stand the test of time. Because they begin killing roaches a single day after a roach eats them, you should notice an immediate reduction in roach activity. It can take a few weeks for the baits to fully get rid of an infestation, depending on how infested an apartment is.

After the roach eats the insecticide, it has enough time to return to the nest. When the roach dies, the other roaches will consume its body or its droppings. Lab studies have showed that this also causes the surrounding roaches to die when they come in contact with the active ingredient, fipronil. You’ll kill both the cockroaches you can see and the cockroaches you can’t.

One of the most difficult things about roach infestations is locating them. If you’re seeing a few roaches out in the open, you can be sure that there are a ton more hiding in the dark. With these baits, it only takes a couple roaches to kill the entire nest. Fipronil is one of the most effective ingredients on the market for killing roaches, ants, and a number of other household pests. However, you can also look for traps, baits, and sprays that use imidacloprid and indoxacarb.

#2. Raid Roach and Ant Killer Spray

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Raid is known for making insecticides and insect repellents that can stand up to a variety of different insects, infestation levels, environments, and needs. This is by far the best roach killing spray on the market, especially for use in apartments. Each package comes with two cans that both have 17.5 ounces of spray. You can cover enough square footage that you might use these to spray down an entire apartment complex or to do repeated touch-ups to a smaller unit.

This spray works well whether you have an infestation or just want to prevent cockroaches from entering your home. It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t have any baits or necessary traps. Unlike many other chemical insecticides, the spray comes with a fresh lemon scent and the smell of a cool breeze. You don’t have to worry about residue or chemical odors in the air. The roaches don’t have to consume the spray, because it will kill them as soon as they come into contact with it.

Once you spray a surface, the residue will continue to be effective for around four weeks. In addition to killing roaches, it will also kill hidden bugs like water bugs, spiders, and beetles. This is one of the longer-lasting sprays available. Most insecticides that last longer than this use powdered residue rather than liquid.

You’ll have the best results if you use the spray on areas where roaches already pass through. If you find any crevices or places where you know the roaches are entering your apartment, spray them. All the roaches that go in and out will die. In addition, you should spray any surfaces where you’ve seen roach activity. If you suspect that roaches are hiding beneath a crevice or crack, use a liberal amount of spray to get at the infestation.

#3. Rockwell Invict Cockroach Gel Baits

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Gel baits are another type of trap for cockroaches. They function the same way other insecticides do, in that they attract roaches and encourage them to eat the bait. The insecticide then kills the roaches and those who come into contact with them.

Each package comes with four tubes of gel. One advantage of gel is that it can be more easily placed in problem areas and hard-to-reach spots than sprays or other traps. Gel is versatile and easy to manage. With thirty-five milliliters of gel in each tube, you’ll have enough to spot treat multiple areas or bait numerous traps.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a landlord or exterminator who’s trying to rid an entire apartment complex of roaches, you’ll need to buy baits and traps in bulk. For those who are trying to target their single apartment unit, you’ll want baits and traps that are safe for use around your family while still being effective.

The Combat baits are a great choice if you want multiple bait stations in a package. Each of the packages comes with eighteen total stations, allowing you to set them throughout multiple apartment units. You can even buy packages in quantities of two at once, allowing for thirty-six bait stations to be placed. These baits begin killing small roach species within just hours, and they can prevent an infestation from beginning anew for a maximum of twelve months.

The Raid spray is a great option if you’d rather get an insecticide spray than traps or baits. Unlike a trap or bait station, it doesn’t come with baits that attract the roaches. Instead, it’s meant to be sprayed in areas where roach infestations already occur. You can spray it along the areas where roaches enter your apartment complex, as well as any places where you’ve seen roaches.

Make sure you follow the instructions on the can. For best results, you can pair the spray with other Raid Defense System products. The fragrance-free killer comes in packages of two cans, each of which has 17.5 ounces of spray. That’s enough to cover a huge amount of square footage, and the protection continues for several weeks before you need to spray again.

If you’re looking for a cockroach gel bait that you can use around your apartment unit, the option from Rockwell Labs is a good one. Each of the packages comes with four tubes of gel that can be used to bait traps throughout the apartment. The baits are powerful enough that the insecticide can kill roaches within twenty minutes of consuming it.

If a roach is exposed to the droppings or carcass of another roach that’s eaten the bait, it will also die. These are great choices if you want to get rid of infestations in places you can’t see as well as places you can see. Another selling point is that the gel doesn’t use any of the eight most common food allergens in the bait, so unless you have an uncommon allergy, you shouldn’t have to worry about reacting to it.

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