Best Cleaner for Roach Eggs and Droppings

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Everywhere a cockroach goes, traces of its presence are left behind. Nowhere is that more obvious than in roach droppings. Roaches are some of the most hazardous bugs in the world because of the number of diseases and bacteria they carry. Roach poop is just an extension of that health hazard.

But there’s even more bad news. Roach droppings are laced with pheromones that tell other cockroaches to come to an area. This means that even if you’ve handled all the worst parts of your cockroach infestation, your home is a homing beacon for new roach activity. If you want the roaches to stay gone, you have to get rid of all the traces that they were there in the first place.

Cockroaches are pests that are attracted to moisture, decaying matter, and environments filled with germs and bacteria. It’s not uncommon to find roaches in garbage dumps, drains, and sewers. This is how they become so infected with human pathogens and bacteria. When a roach walks across a surface or across your food, it brings with it all of the bacteria from where it’s been.

Roach poop can also cause problems in people with respiratory issues. The substance contains certain proteins that can cause an allergic response that includes sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and constriction of the lungs. Cockroach allergies have become increasingly common over the past few years. If you’re allergic to cockroaches, this can exacerbate any underlying respiratory issues you might have, such as asthma or COPD.

Because of all of these factors, it’s vital that you clean up the droppings after you eradicate an infestation.

Best Cleaners for Roach Eggs & Droppings

Product nameVolumeAreas of UseIndoor and Outdoor Use
#1. Griot’s Garage
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22 ouncesVehicles, outdoor areas, concreteNo
#2. 3D

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128 ouncesWindows, paint, plastic, grillsYes
#3. Armor All

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16 ouncesVehicles, driveways, soilsNo

#1. Griot’s Garage 10982 Bug and Smudge

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This offering from Griot’s Garage is a cleanser designed specifically for automobiles. It can also be used on driveways, yards, porches, and other outdoor areas. In addition to clearing away roach droppings and other insect droppings, it can clear insect eggs, larvae, remains, and other unidentifiable smudges. You can purchase the product either in twenty-two ounce bottles or in a gallon of cleaner at a time.

If you’re dealing with the remains of a cockroach infestation that was set on your porch, your vehicle, inside your garage, or in any other area that could be cleaned by a pressure washer, this might be the cleaner for you. It’s able to remove all the residue and odor caused by lingering roach remains and droppings. If the droppings have become stuck, the cleaner helps to soften and loosen them to make removal safe and easy. You don’t have to worry about damage to the surfaces underneath.

The formula is designed to be used on its own, but it can also be used to pre-treat an area before you wash it. If you see a place that’s full of stuck-on roach droppings, you can use the undiluted formula to soften and pull them up, allowing you to get all the dirt off of the surface. Meanwhile, the solution can be diluted in water and used to wash cars or large swaths of asphalt and concrete.

In addition to the stain and insect removal capabilities, this formula is also able to remove rubber scuff marks from cars and asphalt.

#2. 3D Bug Remover Concentrate

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This cleaning formula is manufactured by a division of 3D called 3D Auto Detailing Products. As such, it’s optimized for getting insect remains and droppings off of your vehicle. You can purchase the cleaner in a gallon jug or in a sixteen-ounce model. The enzyme-based cleaner helps detail vehicles, but it can also work well on inside surfaces as well.

One of the biggest notable points about this cleaner is that it’s crafted entirely from natural ingredients. There aren’t any harmful chemicals or insecticides used. Many of the cleaners on the market use synthetic chemicals that can be a health hazard, especially when used indoors. But instead of introducing harsh ingredients, the 3D bug remover uses enzymes to loosen and remove bug remains and their droppings.

The cleaner is a concentrated degreasing formula that penetrates deeply to lift messes. In cases of cockroach infestation, it gets at the droppings and eggs and other particles you might not be able to see. The cleaner acts quickly to loosen debris so you can easily wipe it away.

There are a number of different surfaces that the cleaner can work on. It’s not designed for use on fabrics or carpeting, and you should be careful when using it on hard surfaces other than those listed. For example, it’s possible that the cleaner would cause damage or swelling to unsealed wood floors. But it is capable of working on plastic surfaces, glass, other windows, sealed paint, metal, and grills of both the vehicle and charcoal variety.

The product is designed to be a thin enough liquid that it can be easily rinsed away. When it arrives, the bottle is highly concentrated. You can use it indoors as a spot treatment for areas with concentrated roach droppings, or you can dilute it with up to 20 parts water for every 1 part cleaner.

#3. Armor All Extreme Bug and Tar Remover

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The Armor All bug and tar remover is the ideal option if you’re looking for a cleaner on a budget. Like the other options on the list, it’s made specifically to clean up bug remains and messes. It can help to loosen and remove roach droppings on a variety of surfaces. The formula was designed for vehicles that have become splattered with insects and tar, but it can also be used for other messes.

The formula can loosen caked-on roach and bird droppings, as well as the droppings and remains of many other insects. In addition, the formula is free of streaks. When you’re cleaning glass like your indoor windows, bathroom mirrors, or car windows, you can dry and buff the surface by using a clean microfiber towel.

The formula is also designed to preserve the protection of wax coatings, rather than stripping them away. If you’ve had your car detailed recently, this is obviously a bonus. It’s also a bonus in indoor surfaces that have received wax or polish coatings to insulate them, like laminated tile or sealed hardwood flooring. Some types of wallpaper may be safe to clean with this formula as well, but you should always spot test before you try anything other than the exact surfaces described.

According to the manufacturer, the formula is also safe for glossy and exterior finishes as long as it’s used the way it’s directed. It should preserve a vehicle’s paint job or any glossy exterior coats on the objects you’re cleaning.

When you’re cleaning up the site of an infestation, you’re likely to combine this with other cleaning products. You might use this on soiled areas as a spot treatment method to loosen the droppings and insect remains before you do a deeper clean and sanitation. This is a good pre-treatment to penetrate deeply into a surface and loosen all the debris that might be left behind otherwise.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of roach droppings outside your home or around your vehicle, the solution from Griot’s Garage is a great choice. You can buy a bottle in either a twenty-two ounce or gallon size. The solution is meant to be diluted and sprayed onto surfaces like driveways and vehicles during pressure washes. As such, it probably won’t work well for indoor areas, but it may be good for outside foundations and walls of houses.

The gallon of 3D bug remover by 3D Auto Detailing Products is also optimized for use on your vehicle. However, you can use it for spot treatments indoors. As long as you follow the instructions for use, it shouldn’t harm your indoor surfaces. In addition to getting rid of cockroach splatter, it will get rid of cockroach eggs and droppings. The formula uses all natural ingredients and doesn’t employ any harmful chemicals, making it safer to use indoors than many other options on the market.

Another formula that’s optimized for spot cleaning is the Armor All. Rather than coming in a large bottle to be diluted, the solution comes in a squeeze bottle similar to household cleaner. It’s designed to remove insect remains and droppings from your vehicle, but it can also be used on the soil outside for spot cleaning. Though the formula isn’t specifically made to clean up indoor messes, it may be effective depending on the surface that needs washing.

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