Best Caulk for Roaches

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When you’re dealing with a roach infestation, getting rid of the insects at the source can seem impossible. You might see roaches crawl around your bathroom or kitchen, but you might also have no idea how they got there. One way to keep roaches out of your house is by sealing up the entrances they’re coming through. Once you know what cracks the roaches are moving through in the interior or exterior of your house, you can caulk them.

Roaches often come from the cracks around your bathtub and other plumbing. They can even crawl in through cracks in the baseboards. You may think that, since roaches are relatively large insects, small cracks are safe. But you’d be surprised by how tight those large insects can squeeze when they’re motivated.

You can deal with roaches by caulking your bathroom. All the cracks should be sealed to prevent the critters from finding a way inside. Cockroaches love moisture and water, so they’re attracted to bathrooms and kitchens. Some roaches have been proven to squeeze through spaces as small as 1/16th of an inch! Depending on your eyesight, that might be even smaller than you can see. You may not know how many cracks in your kitchen and bathroom lend themselves to these insects.

Caulking your bathroom and kitchen is a good way to seal up the cracks though which roaches enter. Different types of caulk are made with different materials. It’s important to find a caulk that’s durable enough to last, elastic enough to avoid crumbling, and able to adhere to the surfaces you’re using it on. Depending on your needs, you might also want to look for caulks that are easy to use and made to be paintable.

Caulking can be time-consuming, but most caulks come ready-to-use in squeezable bottles. The project is easy to handle by yourself.

Best Caulk for Roaches

Product nameVolumeDurabilityMaterial
#1. DAP
Our Best Pick

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10.10 ounces40 yearsSilicone
#2. Lexel

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5 ounces5 yearsPolymer
#3. GE

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2.8 ounces10 yearsSilicone

#1. DAP 18152 White Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk

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This silicone caulk is the toughest and longest-lasting on the market. It’s been tested and proven to last for at least thirty-five years, with the majority of finishes being able to last for forty. The manufacturer guarantees a minimum of thirty-five years of durability. In comparison to other options, most of which are only capable of lasting for ten years or less, the adhesion and durability of this model is impressive.

Unlike many other caulks available, which only come in one color, you can get this caulk in nine different hues. That means that you may not even need to paint it once you’re done sealing the cracks to keep out the roaches. If you are planning to paint, you can pick the hue that will best blend in with your paint color to make the job more seamless.

The construction of the caulk tends to be sturdy and secure. Each package comes with a total of 10.1 ounces of caulk in a single bottle. The squeeze top allows you to evenly distribute the caulk across cracks, crevices, and other surfaces. It’s one of the most powerful adhesives available, designed to be used in residential spaces. In addition to being powerful and durable, this is also one of the fastest-drying formulas available. It becomes dry enough to paint over just thirty minutes after the application.

You can use this caulk for applications of both interior and exterior projects. It’s weatherproof and waterproof, so it can be used in wet areas like your bathroom or your porch. If you know where the roaches are entering on the outside foundation of the house, you can seal that as well as any interior cracks.

The caulk is more flexible than others on the market because of the mixture of acrylic and latex making up the base. The solidified durability is caused by the addition of silicone. It’s a very adhesive formula that can seal cracks and bring together concrete.

#2. Lexel Weatherproofing Caulk

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The Lexel weatherproofing caulk is available in packs of two. Each of the tubes comes with five ounces of caulk, giving you ten ounces in total. It’s about the same amount as the previous entry on the list. The price is also similar, as is the quality. The biggest difference between the two is the material used. There’s also two small tubes instead of one large one.

The Lexel is manufactured and marketed as a “duct tape” caulk. In comparison to other caulks, the material is very elastic and adhesive. It binds easily to a wide variety of different surfaces. Once the caulk is dry, you can paint it. The biggest selling point is that the caulk can bind to nearly any surface.

You can apply the caulk to counter tops, sinks, door frames, window frames, shower stalls, tubs, PVC pipes, and metal pipes. Another convenient feature is that the caulk will still adhere to surfaces even if they’re wet. You can apply it to your bathtub immediately after a shower, or your porch after a rain. It’s rated to be used both indoors and outdoors, strong enough to seal cracks and weatherproof the area.

When tested in independent labs, the caulk was durable and flexible enough to handle up to 400 percent movement of the joint. It doesn’t freeze the pieces in place, but instead holds them together while allowing them continuing movement. When you’re cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, floor, garage, or any other area where you’ve put the caulk, you don’t have to worry. It’s just as scrubbable as concrete and other tough surfaces.

#3. GE 100% Silicone Rubber Bath and Kitchen Sealant

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This is the caulk option you’ll want to use if you’re working with a budget. Each pack comes with two tubes that contain 2.8 fluid ounces, giving you 5.6 total ounces of caulk. Though that’s about half as much as in the other packages on the list, it’s still enough to handle most sealing jobs. Unless you have a giant roach infestation or unusual amount of ground to cover, this package should do the trick.

The caulk is formulated specifically to be used in kitchens and bath areas. Unlike other formulas, which use a combination of elastic and adhesive materials, this caulk is constructed entirely from rubber silicone. It’s completely waterproof on a permanent basis. As such, you can use it in showers, sinks, tubs, tiles, and other frequently-damp areas. It can also be used on counter tops and varying fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom.

The caulk isn’t flexible enough or advanced enough to adhere to every single surface. If you have unusual cracks that need sealing or surfaces that need attention, you’ll be better off with another option. However, it has been proven to adhere to the majority of ceramic tiles, metal, granite, plastic, wood, porcelain, laminate, and even glass. In addition, it has been tested and proven to meet federal requirements and specifications.

Final Thoughts

If you want some of the best and most durable caulk on the market, you don’t have to look any further than the DAP brand. It far outperforms the majority of other caulk solutions, capable of lasting for up to forty years without cracking or crumbling. The construction is secure, and the formula can be applied on both the interior and exterior of the home. In addition, it dries and seals fast enough that you can paint over it in just thirty minutes.

The Lexel weatherproofing caulk is another great choice if you want a durable, high-quality, long-lasting option. Each of the two tubes in the pack comes with five fluid ounces of caulk, for a total of ten ounces in the package. This caulk has been proven to seal around nearly any surface, so it’s great if you need to seal a crack in an unusual place. Another selling point is that it’s weatherproof enough to be used outdoors in wet areas, or even to caulk your shower.

The GE silicone caulk is one of the more affordable choices on the market if you’re dealing with a shoestring budget. There are two bottles in a pack, and each of the bottles has 2.8 fluid ounces, for a total of 5.6 ounces. Because there’s not as much caulk as with the Lexel, these are a better investment if you only have a small amount of area to seal. The caulk is made from one hundred percent silicone and is permanently waterproof. It’s designed specifically for use in places that get wet often like sinks, showers, tile, and tubs.

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