My name is David. I’m a pest control professional who lives and works in LA.

My whole career revolves around understanding the best methods for pest removal. This website is dedicated to providing information about everything related to cockroaches.

In the past, information about pest control was largely kept to industry experts. Non-professionals didn’t know a lot about how different pest infestations work, how to prevent them, or how to deal with them. This led to a number of different issues. Stores would often sell faulty products that claimed to work, but didn’t. Professionals would be called in to fix easily managed issues, an expense that could put strain on an individual’s wallet. For people with shoestring budgets, cockroach removal might seem like an impossible endeavor.

This website aims to change all of that.

With the advent of the internet, more information is accessible than ever before. Everyone has the opportunity to learn about pest control. I’ve used my industry expertise, along with additional research, to bring you articles that make cockroach control easy.

What kinds of articles will you find here?

First, I’ll give you information about the cockroaches themselves. I’ll explain what makes cockroach infestations different from other infestations, what cockroaches want, and how best to make your home unappealing to them. I’ll explain the science between how cockroaches reproduce and act, so you can have a better understanding of the pests infiltrating your home. On top of this, I’ll give you information about the potential hazards cockroaches pose to your health and overall home.

Next, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about preventing cockroach infestations. You’ll learn what makes your home vulnerable, where common points of entry are, and how to seal them. I’ll teach you why cockroaches come into your home. If there’s anything in your home that a cockroach would love, I’ll explain how to get rid of it or make it inaccessible to pests. You’ll find basic home cleaning and maintenance tips as well.

Finally, I’ll help explain how to deal with infestations that already exist. There are a number of ways to address an infestation. They vary depending on where the infestation is, how bad it is, what kind of budget you have, and whether you want an organic solution.

I’ll help you understand how to deal with infestations in multiple areas of the home. I’ll also help you find the source of your infestation, so you can prevent more cockroaches from entering. For people with pets and small children, I’ll provide recommendations for safe removal products. I’ll also tell you about organic, green, and otherwise environmentally-friendly products.

For people working within a budget, I’ll tell you what cheap products actually work, so you don’t waste your money on anything ineffective. I can even provide DIY solutions for how to make roach killer out of common household chemicals.

No matter who you are or where you live, this website aims to give you information you can use to combat cockroaches.